Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 120

Goodbye, Bluesocksville. Clare looked at the signboard.

The sign read, “Population of Bluesockville: 942”

They would probably minus one to the total, Clare thought.

If only Clare knew. Then they would probably also add another line that said, “Number in Bluesockville contracted HIV AIDS: 76, and increasing.”



Clare turned to the male passenger who had been sitting beside her since the bus left. Her mind had been occupied since she had slumped into the window seat and had not noticed that he was a so good looking.

Clare smiled and returned the greeting.

“Got a job at the city and moving away, huh?” he said.

“Not really,” Clare said. “I’ll look for a job and place to stay when I get there.”

“I’ve just rented a place,” he said, “I have a spare room. Why don’t you bunk in with me first?”

“That’s very nice of you,” Clare smiled.

They introduced themselves and soon, as Bluesocksville shrunk farther and farther behind, so did her miseries.

Time to start a new life.

Time for the HIV to make a new head count.


And yes, the HIV started a new line of infection, beginning with the man who offered Clare a room to stay. He was handsome, and had many girlfriends.

He gave all of them HIV.


A year later, Joshua wrote Clare a letter. He was going to marry Angela and asked if Clare could attend the wedding.

Clare did not want to return to Bluesocksville for whatever reasons.

Joshua also mentioned that her sister Amy had another boyfriend, a banker from another back. They were quite an item.

Who cares? Clare thought angrily.

Joshua had also bumped into Jerry, Clare’s neighbour who lived opposite Amy. He was going with a girl, and they were walking hand in hand, madly in love.

Who cares? Selfish Nerdy Jerry.


The population of Bluesockvilles stayed at around 942, but the number who contracted continued to increase.


It was only two years later that the first official HIV case was recorded in Bluesocksville. That ignited a panic that sent some residents queuing up to be tested. Most of these did not contract the HIV. Only 4 out of these 200 were found to be HIV positive.

Another 56 got their tests at private clinics. Of these, 44 were tested HIV positive.

There were still many who did not bother to go for a test. They did not feel it was necessary. Neither did they think they had AIDS.

The last official count of people who had AIDS in Bluesocksville was 67. Officials said this was just the tip of the iceberg.

They were right. By that time, more than 200 people in Bluesocksville had contracted HIV AIDS. That’s more than twenty percent of the population.

Officials urged those who had unprotected sex with more than one partners to go for the HIV tests. They also urged people to use condoms as a precaution to prevent further infections.

Or better still, stay faithful to one partner.



– END –

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2 Responses to Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 120

  1. Jason Poh says:

    Hi Douglas

    I applaud you for taking action in educating the public.
    The online book is a good read. Thanks for spreading the message on HIV & AIDS. I too feel that it is very important people know the underlying dangers of having unprotected sex and being unfaithful.

    I feel that Desire, Poverty, Looks, Power (in this case, Money) are the main driving forces revolving around the story. Perhaps it is human nature to like beautiful beings and to succumb to the luxury and the need to be desired.

    We are now living in a world which competition seems everything; competition on getting high grades, competition on looking for and keeping our jobs. Some competitions bring about worries on livelihood issues. Singapore is not an isolated case. Competition is happening everywhere around the globe.

    When most people get married, the first thing they bring into a new family they seek to create, is debt (mainly HDB loan and child expenses). I am guessing the realization of that is partly why there’re more singles out in the market. While more people remain single, human being human, they still have the need for sexual activities. And also if you look around, it is not difficult to find advertisements with underlying sexual connotations. Those advertisements make the situation even worse.

    Since more people don’t want to get married or can’t afford to get married, or some got married but have an unfulfilling sexual life, rather than being faithful, will people just choose to have more protected sex while having affairs with multiple partners?

    The above are some of my thoughts, unorganized. I hope they’re making some sense to you.

    Perhaps you may want to add to your future series how such a context above affect our sexual well being and how we can still remain faithful in such difficult situations, i.e. wife or husband don’t want to have sex.

    Beauty and power seems good to have but can become poisonous if mishandled..

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Thanks, Jason, for taking the time to write such a profound comment.
      Most of my stories revolve around the usual social problems: need for power, need to feel young, need to be desired, need to get unfulfilled needs fulfilled.
      That’s why, it’s sad to see the modern society becoming too liberal. There are still a minority few who believe in the old-fashioned way to remain virgins till the wedding night, but even so, with the rise in divorces, having multiple partners is almost inevitable. But then, they can always be responsible, and protect themselves, or just simple remain faithful to their partners.
      Thanks for your suggestions. I believe ‘Fatal Seductions 4’ deals with some of the issues about the married life you’ve mentioned.
      ‘Fatal Seductions 5’ deals with young adults, singles, who are caught in the love and sex world.
      ‘Fatal Seductions 6’ deals with money, about how Denise, an undergrad, is enticed by huge offers for sex.
      ‘Fatal Puppy Love 1’ (tentative title) will deal with those the teens, the naive, who fall in love at such a young age, and having sex at such a young age, and with multiple partners, at such a young age.
      Thanks again for writing, Jason.
      I always welcome comments from fans because they always spur me to write more, rather than being tempted by saving the other world in Diablo 3.
      Do share this site, and Like the fanpage , and help spread AIDS awareness.
      Have a great weekend, Jason.

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