Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 119

“Where would you go?” Joshua asked Clare.

“I don’t know where yet,” Clare said. “Thanks for driving me to the bus terminal.”

If not for Joshua, Clare wondered how she was going to pull her luggage all the way to the bus-stop, and then to the bus terminal.

“Anytime, Clare, anytime,” said Joshua.

Joshua had picked Clare up at Nerdy Jerry’s house.

“Does your mum know that you have come to pick me?” asked Clare.

“No, she doesn’t,” Joshua said. “I don’t think she would be happy if she knew.”

Clare nodded as she turned to look at Joshua who was keeping his eyes on the road.

Aunt Sara would definitely not approve of Joshua coming to pick Clare up. And especially after Clare had said some unkind words to Aunt Sara the day before.


“I don’t know whether to hate you or not,” Clare had said to Aunt Sara in her house. “but I think you deserve it. After all, you broke up my family too.”

Aunt Sara did not say anything. Clare had guessed her visit was over. She walked out of the door without saying a word.

She thought what she said was hurtful enough. So there was no need to tell Aunt Sara about that night at the hilltop with her son Joshua, who was also her half-brother.


Joshua drove into the bus terminal.

“Thanks, Joshua,” said Clare, “I’m going to miss you.”

Joshua said, “I’m going to miss you too. Keep in touch.”

Clare got out of Joshua’s car and waited while he carried her luggage out of the boot. Now, this is what I call a person who knows how to love.

“Clare, about that night on the hilltop? I’m sorry I – “

Clare cut him off. “Shhh, there’s nothing to apologize. No harm done, really. Your girlfriend is very lucky to have you.”

“You think so?” Joshua asked.

“Yes,” Clare said. “So let’s forget about that night on the hilltop, okay?”

“Sure,” Joshua said, smiling.

His girlfriend Angela was lucky to have him.

Clare guessed Joshua did not know that he was her half-brother. Aunt Sara probably had not told him anything. Well, keep it that way then. If Aunt Sara wanted to tell him, she would. It was better that he found out from Aunt Sara than from her.


The bus left the terminal an hour later. Clare looked at the houses in Bluesocksville for the last time. She doubted she would ever return.

She thought back of that night with Joshua on the hilltop, in his car, overlooking Bluesocksville. They had kissed. But Joshua had pushed her away.

“I’m sorry,” Joshua had said, “I can’t. I’m seeing someone and I can’t be unfaithful to her. Shall we leave now?”

Clare had nodded.

His girlfriend was very fortunate to have such a faithful and loyal boyfriend.

Joshua remained faithful to Angela and both were free from AIDS.

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