Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 118


Nerdy Jerry did not have sex with her. He was really helping her, without expecting sex in return.

Were there still nice men like him left in the world, who were genuinely trying to help without wanting sex in return?

Jerry asked Clare to stay in his room while he went down to get breakfast.

“Won’t your mother come in?” Clare whispered.

“No. Nobody comes into my room,” Nerdy Jerry said before he left.

Nobody? Not even his mother?

So Nerdy Jerry was a super neat person. Every piece of item and furniture were neatly placed. It was like walking into a furniture store that displayed a sample bedroom.

Nerdy Jerry was much neater than Clare. She disliked tidying up. She did not even make her own bed in her sister’s house. So having Nerdy Jerry might not be a bad idea.

Wouldn’t it?

Besides, Jerry had not tried to seduce her. Most men would.

Should she?

No! She had no feelings for Jerry.

She remembered something. Nerdy Jerry did not help pay for dates. They had gone for dates and she had to pay for her share.

No, she did not like that. She loved to be pampered.

Nerdy Jerry was not for her.

About fifteen minutes later, Jerry came back to the room, empty handed.

“I thought you went down for breakfast?” Clare asked, checking to see if there was any bulge from his pockets. Maybe he hid something in his pockets.

“Yes, I did,” Nerdy Jerry said.

“And? Where’s mine?”

“Yours?” Nerdy Jerry asked, looking puzzled. “My parents don’t know you’re here, and didn’t make your share.”

“But I’m starving. You could at least give me your share,” Clare cried out and Jerry had to hush her.

Jerry said, “Just wait a little longer. In one hour’s time, my parents would be leaving for church. Then you can go to town to get breakfast.”

“What?” Clare whispered angrily. She could not believe what she was hearing.

Clearly, Nerdy Jerry did not know how to win the heart of a woman.

“Do you know what love is?” Clare hissed angrily.

“Of course, I do,” Jerry grinned. “I’m in love with you.”

“And do you know how to love a woman?” Clare asked.

“Sure,” said Jerry, “give her lots of love. Help her when she needs help.”

“I’m hungry now,” Clare said. “Why don’t you get me something to eat?”

“You could get yourself something to eat later, after my parents have left.”

Clare was fuming. “But I thought you said you loved me? So aren’t you supposed to help me get some food when I’m hungry?”

“These are basic things you could handle yourself,” Jerry said. “It has nothing to do with love.”

“Then you don’t know what love is,” Clare said.

“Hey, you needed a place to stay last night, and I snuck you into my bedroom,” Jerry said, probably feeling as if he had just rescued her from being eaten up by a dragon. “I slept on the floor while you slept on my bed. Isn’t that love?”

“Yes, but I’m very hungry now,” Clare said.

“Yes, but hunger is something you could easily settle yourself. I can’t possibly do everything for you. That’s not love.”

Clare gave up. She picked up her phone and searched for the number she wanted.


(Number contracted HIV AIDS in Bluesocksville: 76)

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