Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 117

Nerdy Jerry and Clare sat in the pouch outside his house.

“It’s okay, my parents don’t bother me. I can stay up as late as I want,” Nerdy Jerry said as he flipped open his laptop.

The screen was in a mess of colours, with many patches moving all over, as Jerry moved his mouse with his right hand while the left hand hovered over the keyboard, tapping certain keys at certain times.

The sounds from his headphones were in a jumble of noises too. Clare could hear a mechanical female voice, sounds of explosions, and screams.

Clare sat beside Jerry and soon, her mind strayed to what she had planned to do.


At about one in the morning, Nerdy Jerry led Clare to his bedroom upstairs.

Once in his room, which was surprising very neat and tidy, probably by the courtesy of his mother, he gestured to his bed with his palm as he placed his laptop on his table.

Clare sat on his bed and waited. She did not mind having sex with Jerry. After all, he had been kind enough to let her sleep over.

It was only sex. Jerry had been kind to her, so she did not mind being kind to him.

Nerdy Jerry looked nervous. He sat on the bed beside her, leaving a space between them that was big enough for another person.

“Clare,” Jerry began, and then stopped.

“Yes, Jerry?”

“I-I want to tell you something,” he said.

“What is it?” Youve been dying to have sex with me?

“Clare, I like you.”

Clare did not know how to reply. So she said, “I like you too, Jerry.”

“No, Clare I really like you.”

Clare smiled and said nothing.

“I mean, Clare, I-“ he paused and stared straight into her eyes.

You what? You want to have sex with me? Then get on with it.

“Clare, I mean, I love you.”

Love? Love me?

Many men had declared their love for her too. And it meant they wanted to have sex with her.

Jerry was still sitting too far away. Other men would have sat closer and would probably be putting their hand on her shoulder, or her lap.

“Just give me time, Clare,” Nerdy Jerry said. “In time, I believe you’ll grow to love me.”

“I don’t know, Jerry,” Clare said. Get on with it. This talk is getting boring.

“Given time, any two persons will grow to like each other when they are together over a period of time,” Jerry said.

Where on earth did you get this idea?

“Really?” was all Clare said.

“Yes,” Jerry said. “I read it somewhere.”

Somewhere? From the walls in the school toilets?

Clare thought that the more two people stayed together, the more they would grow to hate each other. Just like her sister and her.

“It’s late, Jerry,” Clare said, “I’m tired. Can we go to sleep now?”

“Sure, Clare. Good night. Sweet dreams,” Jerry said. “I have a sleeping bag. I’ll sleep on the floor.”



(Number contracted HIV AIDS in Bluesocksville: 76)

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