Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 116

An hour later, Clare walked out of Amy’s house with her luggage.

Derrick’s car was nowhere to be seen. He had not waited for her. He had already driven off.

That coward.

He was good for nothing. Just as Amy had said.

Clare had earlier thought that Derrick would take her home.

But he didn’t.


So Clare’s plan had backfired.

She was fairly confident Derrick would choose her over Amy.

That was why she had ignored Derrick’s silent pleas and had said to Amy, “Yes, I had sex with Derrick. And it was great. You don’t know how deprived he was.”

“What?” Amy’s brows knitted as she looked at Derrick. “You slept with her?”

Derrick did not answer. He looked away from both of them and stared at the window instead.

“Derrick,” Amy said, “tell me, is it true?”

“Yes, Derrick,” Clare said, “Why don’t you tell her?”

Still staring at the curtains, Derrick said, “It was a mistake. It happened only once.”

“What?” Amy thumped her fists on Derrick’s chest. “Only once? You bastard. Get out of my house!” Turning to Clare, she shouted, “You too, you shameless bitch. Get out of my house. Don’t ever come back.”

Derrick said, “Amy, it was a mistake. Please, I love you.”

“Get out!” Amy screamed. “Just get the hell out!”

Clare had hoped that Derrick would go up to her room to help her pack.

But he didn’t.

She had hoped he would wait in his car for her while she packed, and then ask her to live with him.

But he didn’t.

The night at the kitchen meant nothing to Derrick after all. He was like most other men. They just wanted sex.


Derrick had driven off.

Clare had nowhere to go. She guessed she would have to catch a cab and stay in the motel for the night.

As she dragged her luggage down the path to the road, Nerdy Jerry ran towards her.

“Hey, Clare,” he said, “What’s wrong?”

Clare thought, why not?

She said, “I got chased out and need a place to crash for the night.”

Nerdy Jerry looked nervously at Amy’s house and then at his house. He tucked his hands into his jeans pockets and said, “If you could wait till my parents are asleep, you could sleep into my room.”

Clare smiled, “That would be great.”

Why not? If Jerry wanted sex, then let him have it. At least, she did not have to pay for a room at the motel.

She already had plans.

She knew what she would do. She had already made up her mind.



(Number contracted HIV AIDS in Bluesocksville: 76)

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