Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 115

“Dad left us because of Aunt Sara?” Amy asked, her eyes wide open.

Clare said, “Yup!”

“How do you know?” Amy asked.

“She told it to me herself,” Clare said. “I just came back from her place.”

“Gosh! No wonder Aunt Sara didn’t come to visit us anymore. Mum said she had moved.”

Ha! So Amy was kept in the dark too.

That was satisfying.

“Gosh!” Amy said again. “That was so long ago. And Josh-“

Amy stopped in mid-sentence, her mouth opened.

Clare was enjoying this.

Amy looked at Clare. “You mean?”

Clare said, “Yes?”

“Mean what?” Derrick asked, finally saying something.

“Shut up, Derrick,” Amy snapped and Derrick seemed to jerk back in fear. “This is none of your business.”

Clare wondered how Derrick could stand Amy. What did he see in Amy anyway?

Amy continued, “Joshua is our half-brother?”

Clare grinned again. “Yup.”

Amy covered her face with both palms. “Aunt Sara didn’t say anything when she gave me the address a few weeks ago. And I didn’t even understand why she wanted to give me dad’s address.”

Clare said, “I guess she wanted us to go look him up and give her an update.”

“I guess so,” Amy said, and then she shook her head. “I can’t believe Joshua is our half-brother.”

“Whose Joshua?” asked Derrick, and then recoiled when Amy glared at him.

Amy frowned. “Derrick, will you stay out of this. Just zip up your lips, please.”

Clare did not like the way Amy was treating Derrick.

“Derrick,” Clare said. “Why do you let her treat you like that?”

“Like what?” Amy asked.

“Like shit!” Clare said, “Amy, you are always treating Derrick like shit!”

“That’s none of your business,” Amy said. There was anger in her voice.

“Derrick is a nice man, Amy,” Clare said. “At least, treat him with respect.”

“I’ll treat him in any way I want, Clare,” Amy said. “You stay out of this.”

“Derrick,” Clare said. “You-“

Amy interrupted her. “Clare, shut up.”

“Derrick,” Clare said defiantly. “You shouldn’t tolerate a woman like that. You have lots of woman who would appreciate you.”

Derrick looked at Clare and shook his head, as if telling her to stop.

“Clare,” Amy said, “Will you shut up? One more word out of you and I’ll throw you out of the house.”

“That’s fine with me, you bitch,” Clare said. She had  had enough of Amy’s intolerable behaviour.

“What? What did you just call me?”

“You are a bitch. And Derrick knows it too,” Clare said.

Amy glared at Clare. She did not say anything. She leant closer to Derrick and caressed him on his chest.

That angered Clare even more.

Amy turned to Derrick. “Go ahead, Derrick. Tell her if I am a bitch.”

Derrick looked at Amy, and then at Clare. And then back at Amy.

“Tell her, Derrick,” Amy said, caressing his ear.

Had they had sex already? Clare did not think so. Amy would never have sex before marriage.

Derrick looked as if he had lost his voice.

“Yes, tell her, Derrick,” Clare said.

Amy leant back, her hand jerked back from Derrick’s ear as if something had bitten her. “Tell me what, Derrick? What have you done?”

Clare ignored Derrick who was shaking his head. “Yes, Derrick. Why don’t you tell her what we did on the kitchen table?”



(Number contracted HIV AIDS in Bluesocksville: 76)

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