Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 113

Love bought by money cannot last.

Laugh out loud, Aunt Sara.

You should have listened to your grandmother’s advice.

Clare managed a smile of her face. But she quickly suppressed that.

She shouldn’t laugh at other people’s misfortune.

Her life was just as miserable as well.


Clare walked into her sister’s house and found her with her boyfriend Derrick in the living room.

Seeing Derrick embracing Amy on the sofa made the resentment inside Clare sizzle and pop like boiling oil in a wok.

“Dammit, Amy!” cried Clare. “Why didn’t you tell me all these years? Why do I have to find out about all these things by myself?”

Amy pushed Derrick away and sat up. “What are you talking about? And don’t you dare use that tone of voice at me.”

Clare walked up and stopped behind the sofa where they were sitting. “Do you know where I’ve been the whole day?” She said, deliberately speaking in a louder voice.

“How would I know?” Amy said. “You’ve never told me where you went. And stopped shouting at me.”

Derek sat still, his eyes moving back and forth from Amy to Clare.

“I’m tired of being treated like a baby,” Clare shouted. “I am not going to let you treat me like that anymore.”

Amy said, in a calm but menacing tone that she had used countless times, “I am not talking with you until you have calmed down.”

With that, Amy turned her back towards Clare.

For a brief moment, Clare felt like reaching out and strangling Amy.

“Do you know where I’ve gone today?” Clare shouted again.

Amy did not turn around. Still in a calm voice, Amy said to Derrick, “Tell her I’m not speaking with her until she has calmed down.”

Derrick was about to open his mouth but Clare stopped him with a wave of her left hand.

Clare said, “I went to look for Dad!”

Amy turned around. The anger on her face was replaced by surprise.

She said, her voice almost a whisper, “What? What did you just say?”

Maybe it was because her sister had finally responded to her, or maybe because her sister looked surprised, Clare did not feel like shouting anymore. She said, lowering her voice, “The address you gave me that day? I went to look for dad.”

Amy’s jaw dropped. “You did? And you’ve met him?”

Clare said, fighting hard to keep back her tears, “Yes.”

“And?” Amy asked.

Clare said, her voice cracking, “He’s a no good bastard. He couldn’t even remember me.”



(Number contracted HIV AIDS in Bluesocksville: 76)

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