Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 112

Clare walked back to her sister’s house.

Where else could she go?

Her plans of staying with her dad had been shattered.

Her dad was a good for nothing womanizer. Not worth remembering.

Clare was still fuming.

She could not believe it.

Her dad had loved Amy more than her. When she heard that her dad did not want to go to the amusement park because Amy had not wanted to go, Clare was furious.

That meant that her dad had loved Amy more.

All these years, Clare had thought that her dad had loved her more than Amy.

But it wasn’t true.

Amy was the one he loved more.

No wonder he could not remember the day when he has brought Clare to the amusement park.

Why was it that Amy was the one who got all the best things in life?

As she walked past a rubbish bin, she banged her fist hard on it, creating a dent on the aluminium cover. Pain rushed into her fist. She ignored it.

What was this little bit of pain compared to the pain she had endured throughout her whole life?

Life is a bitch.

She hated her sister.

She hated her mother.

She hated her father.

She hated Aunt Sara too.

She hated Aunt Sara the most.

Served her right for stealing her dad away.

A tiny smile crept on Clare’s face as she thought of the miseries Aunt Sara had been harbouring.


Earlier, Clare had asked Aunt Sara, “Then why did dad leave you?”

Aunt Sara said, “Why indeed? After all those years of supporting him, of giving him everything he wanted, I thought he loved me as much as I loved him.”

Aunt Sara paused, her eyes rolled to the ceiling as if the ceiling held records to her memory, before continuing, “But I guess what my grandmother once told me was right.”

Clare had asked, “What did your grandmother tell you?”

Aunt Sara said, “Love that is bought with money never lasts.”

Love that is bought with money never lasts?

Clare asked, “You mean love can be bought?”

Aunt Sara said, “If you look at it that way. I’ve seen it happened many times in my life. It usually happens to wealthy men.”

Clare guessed she understood what Aunt Sara meant.

Aunt Sara said, “There are many women who think they are in love with wealthy men. But many times, these women get tired of their husbands and start to have affairs. Their husbands are just their ATMs, a machine where they can easily withdraw money.

“These women usually lead miserable lives, thus, their need for extramarital activities.”

Married men were also miserable. Clare had slept with quite a few of them, making them happy, giving them what they could not get from their wives.

“When the wealthy men become bankrupt, the women would leave them.

“True love is not like that.

“In true love, a woman would never leave a man no matter how tough life was.

“That’s true love.”

Was that the reason why Clare had not found true love yet?

Was that the reason why her relationships with men didn’t last?

Clare didn’t know the answer to that.

But she could not tell Aunt Sara about all the men she had slept with.

Aunt Sara would never approve.

Clare asked, “So Aunt Sara, you were buying love from Dad?”

Aunt Sara’s face suddenly looked as if she had aged another ten years. She nodded. “When I didn’t have much money left, your dad left me for another rich woman.”




(Number contracted HIV AIDS in Bluesocksville: 76)

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