Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 111

The cook, also the boss of Bluesocks Burgers, had a huge appetite.

Both for food and sex.

That evening, he had the urge again. While his wife was washing the dishes after dinner, he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her ample breasts hard.

“Let me finish the dishes first,” his wife said.

“I can’t wait,” he said, pulling up her dress.


About five minutes later, his wife pulled up her panties and then resumed washing the dishes.

She smiled.

Although she did not enjoy the quickie, she enjoyed pleasing him. She knew he had a huge appetite.

At least, he still desired her.

She would oblige anytime. Otherwise, he might look for some other women to satisfy his high needs.


* * *


A few days later, their part time cleaner, an overweight woman in her fifties, came as usual to clean up the house of the boss of Bluesocks Burgers.

The boss’ huge appetite rose again when he saw the cleaner’s huge bosoms jiggle under her blouse.

The boss loved women with huge bosoms.

His wife was sitting in front of the TV, watching a game show where the contestants tried to guess the price of common household products.

His wife shopped for groceries regularly and had prided herself for being able to outdo most of the contestants.


His wife would be occupied for at least another twenty minutes.

He went to the cleaner and squeezed her buttocks hard. He smiled and jerked his head upstairs.

The cleaner smiled back, and followed him.


Ten minutes later, she walked down the stairs, panting a little, her legs a little wobbly.

Good. The boss’ wife was still watching the game show on TV.

The cleaner resumed her chores, happier than she was a while ago.

She was not happy because she enjoyed having sex with the boss. The boss didn’t know how to please women. All he did was pull off her panties, entered her, grunted, and then pulled up his own pants.

She was not happy because she was a widow and needed the sex. Sex was over in five minutes. There was no time for her to enjoy.

What she was happy was whenever the boss wanted her, he would give her a fifty dollar tip.

Today, the boss gave her more than the fifty dollar tip.


* * *


With the fifty dollar tip, she was able to buy a huge piece of steak and invited her lover over to her house.

Her lover was jobless and loved steaks. He would only come over if she had cooked him his favorite steak, medium rare.

After dinner, he would always show his appreciation by gently pushing her on the bed and kissing her all over. Every inch of her.

She loved it when he did that.

She loved it when he entered her after that. He was the only man she had ever enjoyed sex with.

He did not really enjoy having sex with the cleaner. But the steak was delicious. He obliged by returning the favour.

He loved making her squirm and then making her beg for him. He loved making her very satisfied.

Because he was very satisfied with her steak.

It was a fair exchange.

Great sex for great steak.

That night, he got more than the great steak.



(Number contracted HIV AIDS in Bluesocksville: 76)

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