Fatal Seductions Online: Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Maybe it was the beer.

Maybe it was his fancy car.

Maybe it was the way he kept saying how beautiful and sexy she was.

Clare did not care now. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his kisses. She gasped as his hands gently squeezed her breasts, gasped more when she felt his hardness, gasped even more as he unzipped her shorts and pulled them off.

She felt loved. She felt wanted.

Maybe he was the knight in shining armour. The one who would take her away and they would live happily ever after.

He was patient and gentle. And loving. Moving and whispering words so sweet that would make bees jealous.

She gasped some more and dug her fingers into his back. He too gasped.


* * *


Mark returned to his hometown a week later.

“Hey, doc, what’s up?” Mark said as he entered the doctor’s office.

The doctor, a balding overweight man in his fifties, grunted in acknowledgement as he closed the door after Mark had entered.

The doctor did not seem to be in his high spirits today.

What happened? No sex last night? No sex the whole month?

Mark smiled at his own joke.

“Mark,” the doctor began, panting. Walking the eight paces from the door to his chair seemed like a lot of effort for him.

Hey, come on. Youre a doctor. You should take care of your health. Set a good example. Lose some weight. Get some exercise.

The doctor continued, “We’ve know each other for, what? Like five years?”

“Yes, Five years, two months and four days,” Mark said, grinning. He had always memorized such facts before he visited a client.

Doc had bought a Lambo from him, and a man of such stature had many wealthy friends too. He might recommend Mark to one of his friends when they shopped for a new prestigious car.

“Mark, as your friend, I don’t know how to tell you this.”

“Tell me what? You’re pregnant?” Mark roared. He knew Doc did not mind that secret joke he made in reference to the doctor’s pregnant looking paunch.

Doc did not smile. He kept his eyes on the medical report.

What was happening?

The doctor looked as if he had just received news that he was diagnosed with a heart disease.

He should really watch his diet, and drink less.

Dont doctors know that too much eating and drinking are bad for their health?

“Hey, Doc,” Mark said, avoiding any jokes since he sensed that this would be a serious discussion. Maybe the doctor was retiring. They could still go for the occasional drinking sessions. “Just tell it to me straight. There’s nothing to hide. We’ve being good friends for so long.”

The doctor let out a long sigh.

“Mark, it’s about your blood test results. The recurrent runny nose you’re having? It’s not a simple flu.”

For the first time since Mark had entered the doctor’s office, his humorous nature disappeared.

“Then what?” Mark asked, his voice solemn.

“Mark.” The doctor let out another sigh. “You are tested positive with HIV. You have AIDS.”


Number of population in Bluesocksville contracted AIDS: 1.




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