Fatal Seduction Blog: Architect, 35, on why he visits prostitutes

I have paid for sex.

And I will still continue to pay for sex.

Yes, that’s right. I’m having sex with prostitutes.

Not prostitutes actually.

With a prostitute. One particular prostitute.

I used to have sex with different prostitutes until I’ve met Miss Gee. I don’t think that’s her real name, but I don’t care.

I will only look for her whenever I come to this place.

I enjoy sex with her. She knows how to satisfy my sexual needs. She knows what I want and she is very accommodating. She is friendly too.


Why? You ask?

Why do I pay a prostitute for sex?

I guess I’m a busy person. And maybe ‘lazy’, or ‘selfish’, when it comes to relationships.

I’d had three relationships in the past. The girls I knew were very demanding and did not understand I love my work.

I’m an architect. I enjoy designing buildings. I also enjoy looking at designs of buildings. I spend lots of time with my job, especially when there are urgent projects.

Thus, I could not spend more time with my girlfriends. They were not happy that I saw them only once or twice a week.

I don’t understand women. What do they really want? Aren’t they happy that they have a man with a successful career for their boyfriend? Why do they need to see me more often? Why do they have to bring up the subject of marriage?

After years with these relationships that lasted about two years each, I decided I would not want a girlfriend anymore.

If I want sex, why not pay for it?

I mean?

Why go through the hassles of courting a girl, bringing her out for dinners and dates before I could finally have sex with her? And in the end, they became demanding and wanted more out of the relationship. Besides, sex with them wasn’t great.

The greatest sex I have is with Miss Gee.

I visit her once every week or two, whenever I have the urge. She satisfies my urge, and she does not demand me to spend more time with her.

I’m happy with my ‘arrangement’ now, and I will carry on looking for Miss Gee.

Yes, yes. I always use condoms when I have sex with Miss Gee. I used condoms when I had sex with my ex-girlfriends too. So what’s the difference?

I know many of you don’t understand or agree with what I’m doing. But that’s the way I am.


Written by a 35 year old architect who felt he needed to defend men who visited prostitutes.

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