Fatal Seduction Blog: Girl, 20, anonymous, shocked that boyfriend visited a prostitute


That’s the only word I can think of.


After reading about Eric’s post, I feel I should let it out here too.

My boyfriend had sex with a prostitute too.

Can you imagine how I felt when I heard that?

Can you imagine how you would feel if your boyfriend told you he had sex with a prostitute?

I mean, what kinds of men do such things? How can they have sex with a stranger? Without any love or emotion?

How can they?

I really don’t know what to do. I’m just totally shocked. I still love him, and can’t bear to break up with him. But the thought of him having sex with another woman, and worse, a prostitute, makes me sick in my stomach.

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked him to tell me about his past. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that we should have no secrets.

I really don’t know.

It’s been more than two months now, and I can’t still get over it.


Two months ago, we were having this conversation about how a couple should be truthful and honest to each other. I said we should not have any secrets. We should be honest to each other and should not hide things from each other.

And then he told me this shocker.

He told me before he met me, he had visited a prostitute. He was away on a holiday, and he was lonely. A woman chatted up with him at a bar. She revealed she was a hooker and he thought, “Why not? I’m away and nobody knows.”

He claimed he had used a condom. I’m sure he did because we’ve always used the condom when we have sex.

He had forgotten about that incident until I’ve brought up the subject about being honest with each other. He said he loved me and did not want to hide anything from me.

I can’t say I’m glad for his honesty.

I should be.

But then, why am I feeling so lousy now?

Things have been different since then.

Whenever he touches me, or have sex with me, I can’t help thinking of him with the other woman. Even though he had done it before he knew me, I still cannot accept it.

I mean, if he had had sex with his ex-girlfriend, I might have let the matter past. But with a prostitute? Someone who had had sex with probably hundreds of men? Why can one get over it?

I’ve gone for some tests and I’m clean. But I might have caught the deadly HIV or AIDS from him.

He might have also caught AIDS from the prostitute. Didn’t he realize the dangers?

He had gone for tests too, and he was also clean. But didn’t he realize he was gambling with him life?

Visiting a prostitute?

Gosh! Can’t you men control yourself?

Do you know how much you’d hurt your girlfriend by doing that?

So please, if you’re tempted, like Rick, or my boyfriend, please think twice before you visit a prostitute.


Written by a girl after she had read Eric’s post in Fatal Seduction Blog. She later broke off with her boyfriend because she could not get over it.

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4 Responses to Fatal Seduction Blog: Girl, 20, anonymous, shocked that boyfriend visited a prostitute

  1. Jolene Kua says:

    should be Eric instead Rick too..

  2. Douglas Lee says:

    Thanks again, Jolene. You’re real sharp.
    Really appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Joanna Ng says:

    Hi Douglas

    I’m an avid fan of your books. I have Fatal Seductions 1, 2 and recently bought 3 too. I also have the book – A Rose Has Thorns. Even though I read other books, I always go back to reading your Fatal Seduction series over and over again when my book inventory runs low. =)

    The problem is, several months ago, I had borrowed my Fatal Seduction 1 and A Rose Has Thorns to a friend who I recommended the books to and unfortunately recently, I realised that she has moved to China, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get the books back from her.

    Would be deeply grateful if you could let me know where I can get the book – A Rose Has Thorns and Fatal Seductions 1. It would be easier to get Fatal Seductions 1 at all major bookstores but I’ve tried calling Times and Kinokuniya and both of the stores told me they don’t have your book – A Rose Has Thorns anymore. Also, I’m also interested in getting your book – Haunted, so I would really appreciate if you can let me know where I can get these 2 books.

    In addition, I was reading it somewhere that you were writing a book named – Unfaithful Wifes. Is that published yet? If so, where can I get this book as well?

    Sorry for so many questions but I’m really hooked to your books. =)

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Joanna,

      Thank you for being an avid fan. You read them over and over again? Wow! You’ve made my day! If fact, you’ve made my week, my month, my year. 🙂

      A Rose Has Thorns is no longer in print. (It was printed by another publisher) I’m getting it printed again by Jan 2012. Would have to get someone to retype the whole book!

      I think Haunted is still available. I’ll check with the distributors to see if there’s still stocks left.

      Unfaithful Wives was due to be published 8 or 9 years ago but my wife got ill and it was put on hold. I’ve completed 4 stories in Unfaithful Wives which could be made into 2 books since the stories got too long. My initial plan was to write 10 short stories in one book, but I guess the ‘Unfaithful Wives’ in the stories have their own minds. 😛 I’m still pondering whether to publish them in hard copies or in ebooks instead, since readers are leaning towards ebooks (thus, probably the fall of Borders).

      It’s all right to ask many questions. I don’t mind answering them, especially for an avid fan like you.


      PS. I’ll try to write more then. 🙂
      PSS. Do share with your friends about this site and the Facebook page. Thanks. 😛

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