Fatal Seduction Blog: Man, anonymous, 19, on almost visiting a prostitute.

I’ve read Eric’s blog and I really appreciate it, man.

I’m like you, Eric. I’m desperate for sex.

I mean, which young man like me isn’t, right?

Yeah, Eric, it’s not easy remaining a virgin, not when you think of sex every minute.

I’ve read that a man thinks of sex every 6 seconds? Goodness, thank God I only think of sex every few minutes. Well, not every few minutes literally, but I think of it enough, the whole day.


For the last three evenings, I’d been wandering around the streets, wanting to get laid.

Like Eric, I was desperate.

I still am.

Yeah, yeah. My buddies have also boasted about sex, about how wonderful it is to have sex, about how heavenly it is to be inside a woman, about how you’re not a man if you still do not have sex.

Well, thanks to you, Eric, my man. I now doubt my buddies even have sex before. They are probably boasting, just to prove they’re men.

Back to the last three evenings.

My intention was to visit a prostitute.

It would be my first time.

Thoughts of me inside a woman, thoughts of me actually having sex, and thoughts of me becoming a man, have made me decide I no longer want to remain a virgin anymore.

So I went to the streets, you know what I mean, or rather, you know where I mean.

There were a few women loitering around. They were all dressed to make your brains go crazy, especially the brains down between your legs.

That’s right; I’m talking about the penises.

Sometimes, they seem to have a brain of their own.

I was watching from a block away, watching how they approached the single men who walked past, watching how they brought some of them into a building, watching out they came out about half an hour later, watching how some men laughing and grinning away.

They seemed to have a good time.

Man. I wanted that too.

I wanted to get laid.

But I chickened out the first evening.

And the second.

And the third.

Man, I didn’t even have the courage to walk by them. I just stayed rooted at my spot, drinking my can of beer, watching them from afar.


Last night, after returning home from another failed attempt to visit a prostitute, I began surfing the internet and I came across this bog.

Fatal Seduction Blog.

Interesting name.

And then it hit me.

I could gotten myself into a shitload of trouble.

Man, I’d forgotten all about STDs, and HIV, and AIDS.

If I’d visited the prositutes and had sex with them, I don’t know what diseases I’d have caught now.

If I’d caught AIDS, it would certainly have been a fatal seduction.

My thanks to Eric.

My man, I won’t want to visit a prostitute. Ever.


Now, I’ll have to find a way to deal with my strong urge.

I’ve been surfing to find ways to deal with my strong sexual urge. It’s not easy, but I think I’m learning something everything.

I’d share with you guys if I’ve learnt something useful.

But if you guys have something to share, do write.

I’m sure many are ‘saved’ by Eric’s post.


Written by an anonymous young man after he had read Eric’s post in the Fatal Seduction Blog about visiting a prostitute. He felt Eric had ‘saved’ his life and would like to share his thoughts to other readers.

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2 Responses to Fatal Seduction Blog: Man, anonymous, 19, on almost visiting a prostitute.

  1. Jolene Kua says:

    Is Eric or Rick?

  2. Douglas Lee says:

    Thanks, Jolene, for pointing out the mistakes.
    Appreciate it.

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