Fatal Seduction Blog: Eric, 19, regrets after sex with prostitute (Part 2)

I could hear noises from these rooms, the same noises I’d heard in adult movies.

She led me into a small room that was bathed in red lights. I wondered if all the rooms were like that. And was that why they called such places the ‘Red Light Districts’?

She showed me her palm, and then I realized she wanted to be paid.

“How much?” I asked, hoping she did not know I was stammering.

“For you with such a huge equipment, I’ll give you a discount. A hundred,” she said, stroking my aching equipment (that’s what she called, and I liked that).

A hundred?

I dug into my pockets and counted my bills, knowing that I had less than ninety dollars.

Eighty-five twenty. To be exact.

I can still remember the amount till this day.

Eighty-five twenty.

“That’s all I have,” I said.

I thought I saw a glimpse of annoyance, but it quickly vanished and her friendly smile returned. “In this case, we’ll have a quick one.”

She grabbed all the money I was holding in my hands.

“Wait. I need to have some money to take a bus back,” I said.

She took the eighty and left the five dollar note and twenty cents in my hand.

She started to undress, and out came her huge breasts.

I could only stare. I’d never seen real ones before. They were so humongous.

“Well, Boy. What are you waiting for?”

Boy? What happened to Handsome?

I did not ask. I just undressed clumsily, and almost lost my balance as I took off my pants.

She lay on the bed, her legs wide apart.

I had never seen a real life woman fully naked before, and my equipment was aching so badly that I thought it might explode or something..

I just stood there staring, not knowing what to do.

She sat up and pulled me close, and then grabbed my erection with her hands.

The feeling was sensational. I’d never been touched by a woman before.

I don’t really remember what happened next.

She guided me in, and I ejaculated immediately.

She pushed me away and went to the tiny toilet to wash up.

I stood there, naked, except that I was limp this time.

She came out of the toilet and started to dress up.

“Well, Boy. What are you waiting for?” She said, when she saw me standing there, staring at her. “Dress up.”

I dressed up.

I was too stunned to say anything.

Was that it?

Was it over? Just like that?

Eighty bucks for a less than a minute f**k?


But it did not matter.

I was able to brag that I was no longer a virgin. Somehow, the guys believed me. And three of them confessed they were still virgins.

They asked me for more details. Like how it felt inside a woman? How did breasts feel like? You know? Those kinds of stuff.

I couldn’t really remember how it felt like, since I was kinda stunned the whole time, and it was over in less than one minute.

Eighty bucks for a minute f**k?

Of course, I didn’t tell them I lose my virginity to a prostitute. Or to my sister’s friend, since I did not want her to have a bad reputation.

I lied that I was out at a party, and met this great hottie who was visiting her relatives. We drank a little too much, and we ended up doing it in her car. I lied that I still emailed her, had occasional cyber sex with her, and could not wait for her to visit her relatives again.

I became popular in my group. For about half a year anyway, till we went on our separate ways to different colleges.


That was the least of my trouble.

A few weeks after I’d lost my virginity, I found blisters in my genital area. A visit to a doctor in another town (since I didn’t want my parents to know about it) revealed I had genital herpes.

I had caught it from the prostitute while having unprotected sex.

I was lucky, the doctor said.

I could have caught HIV, AIDS.


Genital herpes cannot be cured.

And I could pass it to my future partners.


What have I gotten myself into?

It was just not worth it.

Sex was overrated.

I really regretted having sex.

I wish I could turn back time, but I can’t.

Don’t visit a prostitute, ever.

That’s my advice.

(The second part of Eric’s post in Fatal Seduction Blog about his deep regrets)

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