Fatal Seduction Blog: Eric, 19, regrets after sex with prostitute (Part 1)

It happened eight months ago.

I was desperate.

I was a virgin.

Most of my friends boasted that they already had sex.

It seemed that I was the last male virgin around.


I have never dated a girl before. I am a really shy person. I hardly mix around.

When we hang out at malls, I am usually sipping my drink and playing a game on my phone while the guys and girls chat away.

No, I’m not gay.

And I don’t like to be called one. My friends used to tease me, saying I’m gay. I hated that.

In order to stop my friends from calling me a fag, I lied to them, saying I was seeing my sister’s friend.

They said dating a girl did not exonerate me from being a gay. They laughed when I couldn’t tell them how sex was like. I made up another excuse that we weren’t ready for sex.

“Yeah, yeah. Faggot.” They mocked.

I was really, really infuriated.


I’d been planning to ask my sister’s friend out for many months now. She was a sweet girl, very pretty, and very sexy too. I’d have to admit that she was my fantasy whenever I release myself sexually.

She was quite friendly too. She smiled and said ‘Hi’ whenever she came over. But after I said, “How are you doing?”, I did not know how to continue the conversation.

I would hang around in the living room, pretending to be playing the game on my phone while I was secretly checking her out.

Man. She is a hottie.

I wish I have the guts to ask her out.


I couldn’t stand it any longer. I needed to have sex. I did not want to be a virgin anymore.

So, one evening, I went out by myself and took a bus downtown.

I alighted near the red light district area and strolled past a couple of times.

Each time, a few of the women, very skimpily dressed, asked if I wanted to party.

I did not reply. I just walked quickly away.

I went home after hanging around for two hours at a corner, watching the streetwalkers from afar.


The next evening, I was there again.

Again, I ignored the ladies when they asked me if I wanted to party.

But I was mesmerized by one particular woman. She was probably in her thirties, and had heavy make-up on. She was wearing a very short dress, and a very low cut that revealed her ample breasts.

I could not stop staring at them.

She said, “Hey, Handsome, I can show you a really good time.”

I guessed being called ‘Handsome’ eliminated whatever inhibitions I had.

Furthermore, she stood so close to me that I could almost felt her huge soft chest, and I had an erection immediately.

I could not believe she reached down and started stroking my erection.

“Mine, Handsome. You’re so big. I want you. I’ll make sure you have a very good time. Come with me.”

I was totally mesmerized.

She took my hand and led me to into the building that had a very narrow corridor with many closed doors.

(to be continued….)

Eric decided to write his experience in the Fatal Seduction Blog and shared it with the readers.

His post was too long and had to be broken down into two parts.

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