Fatal Seduction Blog: Nina, 23, on never having casual sex again.

Till today, I still get chills whenever I think of that night 3 years ago, on Christmas Eve.

I was lonely.

My girl friends had asked me to join them celebrating Christmas at a pub.

Why not?

I was f**king lonely and staying at home alone during the festive seasons was f**king hell.

My parents had gone for their yearly Christmas celebrations at my grandparents. I hadn’t joined them since I had a boyfriend when I was 19.

I broke up with that prick two months before Christmas. That f**king bastard. He was two timing me behind my back.


So, there I was, at the pub. It was packed. Shouldn’t it be? It was Christmas eve after all.

I had a couple of drinks. We were giggling and laughing and it was a great few hours when my broken heart didn’t hurt so bad.

After midnight, after cheers of ‘Merry F**king Christmas’, a group of guys came over.

Four guys. Three were ordinary and one was very cute.

There were four of us.

Was it f**king fate or what? Four of us? Meeting four single guys?

I didn’t f**king care. And you should see the envy on my girl friends’ eyes when the cute one chose me.

We split.

The cute guy, oh f**k! I can’t even remember his name. He was Sam or Ben or something like that.

Anyway, who cared about his f**king name.

I certainly wish I can f**king erase him from my life.

I was high, but not drunk, because I still remember what had happened.

We left the bar, took a stroll towards the beach, each sharing our f**king depressing stories about how our f**king partners cheated on us.

And then it happened.

The beach was deserted that night. Why wouldn’t it be? It was Christmas eve after all. Who goes to the f**king beach on Christmas eve? Except to f**k, of course. LOL.

I guessed I was too angry with my ex for cheating on me, and I was lonely too. And not to mention, horny.

I didn’t realize he did not put on a condom until I was on my way home in a taxi.

I felt wet in my c**t, and when I touched it, I almost puke.

His f**king sperms were still oozing out.


The next few days, weeks, and months were a nightmare.

What if I got pregnant?

What if I got an STD?

What if I got HIV, AIDS?

Those terrifying thoughts kept my mind f**ked up.

I went for two blood tests, since the doc said the HIV tests would be more accurate a few months later.

To cut a long story short, I was tested okay. I didn’t catch anything. I didn’t get pregnant either.

But the f**king experience woke me up.

I’ve not have sex since.

I’ve dated a few guys. Some were nice. Some just want to f**k. But no thanks.

I’m not ready for a relationship yet.

I’m not ready for a f**k either.

It’s just not worth taking the risk.


Written by a girl (fictional) who came across the Fatal Seduction Blog and felt she needed to share what she had gone through.

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