Fatal Seduction Blog: Anonymous Married Woman, 32, who had pre-marital sex

Pre-marital sex?

Yes, I’d had sex before marriage.

And I’m lucky and proud to say that my husband is the only man I have slept with.


I’m not going to tell you to have sex before marriage, or to wait till after marriage.

You’ll have to make that decision yourself.


For me, I’ve known my husband for over ten years now.


Ten years?

Time flies.

Makes me feel like an old woman.


I’m only 32, still young.

We’ve been married for four years now, and we have a beautiful two year old daughter. We’re trying for our second child.


Anyway, back to the topic about pre-marital sex.

I dated my boyfriend – now my husband – for three months before we had sex.

We were so in love that sex was a natural thing. It just happened. I’m not going to go into all the details here, but for me, sex is part of a relationship. A good relationship.

We loved each other so much.


We dated for about six years before we were married.

Yes, like all relationships, we had our fights, and breakups, and patch ups.

We still fight.

I’m still irritated by some of his habits which he is so unwilling to change.

Such a stubborn man. He can be a real pain at times.

But he is adorable too. And loving. And a good provider and father.


Would I have regretted sleeping with him if our relationship hadn’t ended up in marriage?

I don’t know. I really don’t know.

The few times when we broke up, I missed him a lot. And could not stop thinking of him.

The longest breakup lasted 7 weeks.

Those seven weeks were a nightmare. I cried till there were no more tears. I waited and waited for him to call. And by the 6th week, I thought our relationship was over because the other breakups lasted 3 weeks at the most.

During those 7 weeks, I didn’t date anyone else. My heart was with him.

During that time, I didn’t think about whether I regretted having sex with him or not. That thought wasn’t on my mind.

So I really don’t know if I’d have regretted having pre-marital sex.

Maybe I would.

Maybe I wouldn’t.

I’m just glad I didn’t have to find out.



Written by an anonymous married woman who is not featured in Fatal Seductions Online. She played a very minor role and was deleted.

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