Fatal Seduction Blog: Anonymous Man, 30, who is against pre-marital sex

I am against pre-marital sex too.

It’s something I’ve decided and I’ve no regrets, despite what many of my friends say.



I just believe that sex is sacred and should only be saved for married couples.

No, it’s not because of religious reasons that I refrain from having pre-marital sex.

I guess partly, it’s due to brought up. I’m proud of my parents who have inculcated this value in me.


Some of my friends, especially the males, had laughed at my decision. They said I was stupid and did not know how to enjoy life.

Well, to these friends, what I have to say is this. There are many other ways to enjoy life.

It does not have to be sex.

I mean, some people enjoy risking their lives by doing dangerous things, like stuntmen who love the adrenaline rush when performing dangerous stunts. Many times, they end up with broken bones. A few of them even lost their lives. They enjoy doing it. It’s their choice.

I told my friends, “If you want enjoyment, why don’t you become a stuntman too? Why limit yourself to sex?”

Besides, having pre-marital sex can be dangerous too.

You never know if your boyfriend or girlfriend is safe. You might catch a STD, or even the deadly HIV, AIDS.

So why take the risk?

Why not wait till both of you are married?

If both are virgins and consummate the intercourse on the wedding night, isn’t that the most wonderful gift to present to your spouse?

If you have pre-marital sex, then what’s the difference when you get married?



Yes, I have a girlfriend. We’ve been dating for three years now. She doesn’t want to have sex before marriage, and I’m fine with it.

I feel we respect each other better this way.

By not having sex while we are dating, we are able to learn more about each other.

I think pre-marital sex clouds the relationship. And if the relationship doesn’t work out, there will be emotional scars.

So, nope, I’m not into pre-marital sex.



Written by an anonymous man who is not featured in Fatal Seductions Online.

(Author’s note: This character was conceived during the planning and outline, but was not included in this story.)

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  1. Believe it or not, some marriages become stronger after a marital affair. Sometimes, an infidelity can make people realize how much they love their spouse and do not want to end their marriage. If both partners can agree to save their marriage because of love, and love alone, they will have taken a big first step in saving their relationship.

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