Fatal Seduction Blog: Anonymous Girl, 27, about refraining from pre-marital sex

It is better to restrain yourself and refrain from having pre-marital sex.

I’m talking from experience.

When I was younger, I was naïve. I’d thought that by giving my body to my boyfriends, they would love me, and would want to marry me.

I first had sex when I was 20.

I fell in love with this handsome guy whom I’d met while clubbing. We hit off instantly.

We dated almost daily, enjoying romantic dinners, walks in gardens, attending rock concerts and watching movies.

After two months of dating, he started pestering me for sex.

I loved him, and didn’t want to lose him. So I gave in.

Sex, for me, wasn’t like what romance novels or movies showed. It wasn’t that great.

I think sex is overrated.

But I loved my boyfriend, and I had sex with him whenever he wanted to, which was about thrice a week in the beginning, and then dwindled to once a month.

We began to date less since he was getting busier with his work. I missed those romantic dinners and walks. When we met, it was usually for sex.

I ended the relationship after three years.

I caught him dating a colleague. I was furious. I didn’t want someone who cheated on me.

Of course, I was devastated. It hurt so bad.

I was without a boyfriend for almost a year.


Then I started dating again because I was lonely.

For the next two years, I had two boyfriends, each lasting about a year.

I did not know whether they were in love with me or my body. They seemed to only want sex. Other than that, they did not seem to be interested in anything else.

I did not feel I was in love with them. Not the way I was in love with my first boyfriend.

I couldn’t feel that love anymore.

I had thought that if I had sex with them, they would love me more. But I wasn’t sure.

The relationships got stale after a while and died natural deaths.

I wasn’t that devastated when I broke off with them.


After my third boyfriend, I decided to stop having pre-marital sex after reading an article in a magazine.

Since then, I’d dated quite a few and they seemed to be only looking for sex.

I was adamant. I refused to have sex till I was married.

Those didn’t call after their futile attempts to get me in bed.

I didn’t care.

I wasn’t looking for sex. I was looking for genuine love.


I’m now dating a wonderful guy who respects me.

Yes, he has asked for sex, but when I told him I’m not into pre-marital sex, he respected my decision, and agree to wait.

We plan to get married in a couple of years.

Wish me luck.


Written by an anonymous girl who is not featured in Fatal Seduction Online.

(Author’s note: But she certainly does make an interesting character for future series.)

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