‘Fatal Seductions 6’ is finally available.

'Fatal Seductions 6'

Hot from the printers! ‘Fatal Seductions 6’ by Douglas Lee

Hot from the printers!

Fatal Seductions 6 by Dougals Lee is currently available only at

Hako-NEX‪#‎B1‬-19; and
Hako-JCube, #04-04

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4 Responses to ‘Fatal Seductions 6’ is finally available.

  1. Jasling Loo says:

    Mr Lee,

    Will Popular Bookstore in Singapore sells Fatal Seductions 6 at a later date?

    Ms Loo

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Ms Loo
      Sorry for the late reply. We are looking into it to see whether to sell Fatal Seductions 6 at Popular Bookstores.

  2. Dyla says:

    Hi.. where can i get fatal seduction 6? I have been looking for it. I read all 5 books..

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Currently, it’s only available via mail order. You could send me a private message via the Facebook page to see where I can mail it to.
      Thank you for your support.

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