Excerpt from ‘Haunted’: Ghost File #1: Girl in White

GF(Ghost File) #1: GIRL IN WHITE

This man was a 52 year old lawyer.

He was driving along the East Coast Expressway, heading for his home in West Coast at two in the morning.

The road was empty. Only two cars had sped past him so far.

The lawyer kept his speedometer at eighty, even though he was permitted to go up to ninety on this stretch of the road.

Then he saw her.

At first, he thought it was a large piece of canvas flapping. But as he drove nearer, the white canvas became soft flowing cloth. A long, white, flowing gown.

A girl was standing by the roadside far ahead. Her left arm was stretched out as she waved for him to stop.

What is she doing in the middle of nowhere at this time of night?

There were no buildings nearby. Only palm trees lined bother sides of the road.

Maybe she was lost.

But what is she doing in her nightgown?

Maybe she had run away from home.

He released the accelerator and pressed the brakes lightly. The needle on the speedometer dropped slowly in an anti-clockwise direction.

The girl looked young, probably in her late teens or early twenties. He could not tell. Girls from sixteen to twenty-six looked the same to him, especially with their make-up on.

He brought his car to a stop in front of the girl.

Suddenly, he stamped on the accelerator as hard as he could. The tyres screamed as they struggled for grip.


(Excerpt from Haunted by Douglas Lee, first published in 2001.)

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