Excerpt from ‘Haunted’: Incredible Story

I replayed what my former classmate had told me.

It sounded incredible.

But he sounded so convincing. So sincere.

I do not know why, even till this day, but I was compelled to check out what he had told me.

No longer having any interest in continuing writing my new book, I switched off the computer and padded to the bedroom.

I could not wait for the sun to rise.

I could not wait to do what my classmate had instructed.


Finally, after a long restless night, I arrived at the hospital at nine the next morning.

Searching for the ward was not a problem. I just had to follow the various signs on the wall.

The man on the bed looked like an Egyptian mummy. His arms and legs were enshrouded in white bandages. Even his head was covered, leaving only his face visible.

He beckoned me in and said that he was expecting me, much to my surprise.

The man indicated the chair beside the bed with a little twitch of his head. He seemed to grimace in pain with this tiny movement.

Before I could introduce myself or ask him how he knew I was coming, he proceeded to tell me his story.

I was spellbound as he spoke.

When he had finished, I was still bewildered, not knowing what to say. I only nodded when he made me promise I would not use his name.


I am keeping my promise and here is his story – the first story from my Ghost Files.


(Excerpt from Haunted by Douglas Lee, first published 2001)

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