I Did Not Believe in Ghosts, Until… (Except from ‘Haunted’)


My name is Barnabas.

I did not believe in ghosts.

Until one midnight in August.

I was in my study, working on my new book when the phone rang.

“Who the hell could be calling so late?” I swore to myself. I picked up the phone before the second ring, not wanting my wife or my four-year-old son to wake up.

“Hello?” I said softly but still let whoever was calling know that I was irritated.

It was a very old friend of mine. Someone whom I had not met for years. We were classmates in secondary school.

He rattled on excitedly, giving me no chance to show my displeasure.

My anger and irritation soon dissipated as I scribbled on my notepad while he talked.


About five minutes later, I hung up and stared at the computer screen in front of me. My eyes darted occasionally to my notepad and my mind was churning like an overloaded washing machine.

I replayed what my former classmate had told me.

It sounded incredible.

But he sounded so convincing. So sincere.

I did not know why, even till this day, but I was compelled to check out what he had told me.


(Excerpt from ‘Haunted‘ by Douglas Lee, first published in 2001)

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