‘Haunted’ is available again. Ghost Month coincidence?



“Hi.┬áMy name is Barnabas. I did not believe in ghosts.

Until one midnight in August.

Ghost File #1: Girl in White

The lawyer kept his speedometer at eighty, even though he was permitted to go up to ninety on this stretch of the road.

Then he saw her.”

Except from Haunted first written in 2001.


Is this a coincidence? A day before the Ghost Month*, I am told that there are still copies of Haunted left forgotten in the warehouse.

To my fans who have been asking, Haunted is now available at the two Haku Toyoutpost outlets at Nex and JCube at $10.


But don’t read it after midnight.

*Traditionally, it is believed that the Gates of Hell is opened on the Chinese seventh lunar month and ghosts and spirits are able to roam the world of the living.

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