Diary of Claire: #6, The Scary City

The city was a scary place.

At least for me, since I’ve never visited one as metropolitan as this. Look at the so many buildings, tall ones, skyscrapers, all bundled up together. You know how some people would keep a whole bunch of pens and pencils into a cup? Imagine yourself standing at the bottom of this cup. You are surrounded by all thiese menacing looking monstrous structures that loomed before you. That was how I felt. I could hardly see the stars in the sky that night when I arrived. In fact, I could hardly see the sky that was blocked by all these boisterous building trying to veer for attention.

The sounds! They were menacing too. I felt like I was being tossed out of the peace and quiet of a tranquil garden into a jungle where metallic beasts bellowed, roared, screeched and squealed all around me.

At this time of the night, at ten, it would be dead quiet in Bluesocksville. But hear, the noise is still deafening.

I was tired, and hungry, and the cacophony of noises, the kaleidoscope of neons and the olfactory of exhaust fumes was not a welcoming sight.

It was a good thing I had met Mr A. And he was nice and thoughtful. The first place he brought me was to a nice dinner.

I would do anything for him. That was how I felt at that moment. I didn’t have the hindsight I am having now.

If only I knew he was like all men. Jerks!

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