Diary of Claire: #5 The City Was A Scary Place

Back to Mr A, the guy who offered me his apartment to stay.

Seemed like a nice guy. But he’s like all men. Jerks! Just offering something in exchange for sex. What else? What else do men want other than trying to get a girl to take off her panties? Jerks!

How was I to know? I was tired. I was depressed. I was in a hopeless situation. And when someone offered you a place to stay in a city you’d never been before, you grabbed it. Maybe you won’t, for fear of being violated and mutilated and then dumped off some place where a jogger would stumble upon you the next morning. But I certainly did. Those thoughts didn’t cross my mind. All I wanted to do at that instant was to have something to eat – it didn’t matter what. Even a packet of stale bread would suffice. And all I wanted was to slump somewhere to sleep – it didn’t matter if I slept on a couch with probing springs.

Once we got off the bus, he helped me with my luggage,  my only one that contained practically my whole life. He was carrying his knapsack. He’d been away for an overnight business trip and so he traveled light.

The city was a scary place.

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