Diary of Claire: A new online novel by Douglas Lee

Hi. My name is Claire.

My life sucks. Sucks big time.

I am broke. I am without love. I hate life. I hate men.

It has been two months since I’ve left my hometown, Bluesocksville. I thought I would start a new life. A new beginning. A change for the better. And I thought fate was suddenly kind to me.

I thought I’d found true love. The guy who sat beside me in the bus offered me his place to stay. He seemed nice. Not bad looking. Not exactly handsome, like Beckham or Duhamel. But he was someone you thought you could trust. He had such a friendly smile.

So when he offered his place, I thought, why the fuck not?

I did not have any plans when I packed my bags and left Bluesocksville, the town I was born in, a place I would dig a hole six feet underground and bury it in an unmarked coffin without any headstone, to be lost and forgotten forever.

Life in Bluesocksville sucked. My mother. My father. My sister. Why am I so unlucky to be born into a family with a bunch of losers. Why? Why?

But that was the past. Like I said. It is something I want to forget, and never want to relive those fucking memories again.

As if fate was smiling on me, as if fate knew that I would be starting a new life, the man who sat next to me in the bus, offered. “Hey, why don’t you stay with me? I have a spare room. Stay until you get a place on your own.”

Why not? I would be new in the city. I would not know where to go. So why not?

(I’ve been wanting to write a chit lit for some time now, and have been looking for a character who would be interesting enough. Claire seems to be ideal, so why not?
Usually, I have all the chapters outlined in detail before I start writing. But ‘Diary of Claire’ would be different. It would be spontaneous. At the moment, I don’t know how this story would end. In all my stories, I know the ending before I write.
Ha. I better stop here, otherwise, Claire might complain because I’d be taking a huge chunk of this page.
Hope you enjoy it.)

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