Fatal Seduction Blog: Undergrad, 19, says she is not a prostitute

I am not a prostitute. I don’t advertise my services. I don’t approach men to offer sex for money. So I don’t consider myself as a prostitute.

Yes. I have had sex with men and they gave me money for it. I consider it as part of a plan to have a better future. That’s what many women are doing. I’ve read and heard that many women have sex to have a better advantage in their careers. Are these women prostitutes? Do you call these women prostitutes?

A friend of mine has a female cousin who sells insurance. I’m not bad mouthing insurance saleswomen here. I’m just writing down what this friend of mine is saying. Her cousin sometimes would have sex with her clients so that they would buy policies from her.

I can empathize with her. This is a male-dominated world, whether you believe it or not. There are things that the males can do that we can’t. There are things that the males have an advantage over us. That does not mean that we females would lose out. We have advantages over men too. We know the males’ weaknesses: one of them is sex.

We can exploit this weakness. If we can use sex to advance our career, why not? The males have used brutal strength to advance in some of their careers. Why don’t you cry foul over this matter?

Is my friend’s cousin who sleeps with some clients to get sales considered a prostitute? She is not the only one. The saleswomen in other sales industries are also using sex to get more sales and contracts. Are they prostitutes?

This does not happen to women in the sales industries only. There are women who get promoted after having sex with their superiors. Are they prostitutes?

If you understand my situation, would you call me a prostitute? I come from a family where we children have to pay for our own expenses. We have to find ways to pay for our school fees, computers, books, and other extravagant things. My father is a very successful businessman. He does not believe in spoiling us. He believes we should be self-sufficient.

When I came across this opportunity to sleep with men when they offer me at least two thousand dollars, I told myself, “Why not?”

I don’t approach men. They approach me.

So, I am not a prostitute.


Written by Denise from Fatal Seductions 6 (still writing). Her friend’s cousin is from Fatal Seductions 5.

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