Clare didn’t know she had HIV AIDS and continued to have unprotected sex with men as she seek true love.

Read the first chapter of Fatal Seductions Online here: Chapter One.

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After a long absence due to unfortunate events, Douglas Lee is now back. He is passionate to tell the world about the dangers of HIV AIDS that is commonly contracted through unprotected sex.

It is his wish that his stories about love, sex, betrayal, seduction, unfaithfulness, affair, AIDS and HIV will bring awareness to readers and save lives.

Fatal Seductions 1, Fatal Seductions Two, Fatal Seductions 3, Fatal Seductions 4 and Fatal Seductions 5 are currently available at major bookstores in Singapore.

Drop me an email if you wish to purchase these books which are unavailable in your country.

Thank you.

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76 Responses to Welcome

  1. Jolene says:

    Hi Douglas
    I’m a great fan of yours n really enjoyed reading ur books. I actually thought you are going to stop publishing n was very glad to come across Fatal Seduction 3 one day when i was browsing in e bookstore.

    This email is a note of encouragement to you knowing that you’ve overcome e bad times n also to never give up in writing. Hope to hear more of your publications soon.


    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Jolene,
      You have the honour of being the first ‘real’ person to write the comment here (the 12 others were ‘bots’).
      Thank you so much for your encouragement. I really appreciate that.
      I’ve finished writing Fatal Seductions 4 and am still writing the last few chapters of Fatal Seductions Online and outlining Fatal Seductions 5.
      Enjoy this online version.

      Douglas Lee
      PS. Thanks for supporting the Fan Page.
      Do share with your friends whom you think might enjoy or benefit from the stories.

      • jeremy mak says:

        hi douglas lee, can i write an email to you? i need your email address. i’ve got some ideas for other fatal seductions book and hope you would use them. its also part of my story contracting herpes!do reply thanks and i hope you would!

        • Douglas Lee says:

          Hi Jeremy,
          Sure, I’ll drop you an email.
          Thank you for offering ideas. I normally don’t accept them because I already have more than a hundred ideas. Getting ideas and crafting stories are easy for me. Guess it’s a gift. For the ‘Fatal Seductions’ series and ‘Fatal Puppy Love’ series (contemplating this series for the teens), the stories are basically about characters who sleep around. They have their own reasons; they basically seek to satisfy unwanted needs which may not be sexual. What I do is ‘generate’ a character, and from his or her background, habits and needs, I have a story.
          I do appreciate you writing and offering your ideas. The way I can see us working together would be to write a ‘Fatal Seductions-A True Story’. Let’s see how it goes.
          I am sorry to hear about you contracting herpes. I pray and wish you well. Look at the what you can do to help mankind, which you are already doing by offering your story.
          God bless.
          Douglas Lee.

  2. Jolene Kua says:


    Simply loves ur stories..
    Will contiune to support ur books..
    God Bless u..


  3. Douglas Lee says:

    Hi Jolene,

    Thank you so much for your compliments and support.
    Will write more then. 🙂

    God Bless,
    Douglas Lee

  4. The says:

    Hi Douglas!

    So happy to have found your website!
    I saw your Fatal Seductions 3 sold in the bookstore so I bought a copy.
    And boy did I miss your style of writing! I think the book was fantastic and realistic.That’s the thing I like about your books.

    Luckily I happend to stumble upon your website or I would have missed your Fatal Seductions Online.I haven’t started reading yet.But I can’t wait.So,if the Fatal Seductions Online is supossed to be Fatal Seductions 5,then what happend to Fatal Seductions 4?Is it going to be released as a book?

    Hope you would continue writing the Fatal Seductions Series.Can’t wait!

    Take care.

    Your fan since 2001.

    P.S. I have ‘Liked’ you on Facebook! 🙂

  5. Douglas Lee says:

    Hi The,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement.
    I’m currently doing the proofreading for Fatal Seductions 4, and had planned to launch it last month. But because of my daily visits to the hospital where my aged father is for the last two months, Fatal Seductions 4 is delayed.
    Anyway, that’s no excuse. Life has to go on.
    I’ll get Fatal Seductions 4 published this month, October 2011, and it should be in the bookstores in November. And I’ll be writing the first draft of Fatal Seductions 5 this month too.

    Thanks again, The (is that your name?), and do share the website to your friends.
    Douglas Lee

  6. The says:

    Hi again Douglas,
    Thanks for replying.
    So happy to hear the Fatal Seduction 4 is going to be released soon.So Fatal Seduction 5 is going to be published in book form too?No more online series?

    Continue the daily visits to your father.(Regards to him.)It’s ok that the book’s being delayed.I’m sure die-hard fans won’t mind.You know,even those it’s been a long time before Fatal Seductions 3 was finally released,I think you haven’t lost touch at all.That’s great!

    Your stories always leave me with deep impressions.Honestly,I haven’t quite gotten over the ending of Fatal Seductions 3 yet.(See what I mean?).You’re a splendid author,Douglas.Don’t stop writing.
    (And yes,The is my name,my first name to be exact.I don’t exactly like it though.So I guess I’ll be using my middle name,Davis from now on.So the next time you see ‘Davis’,I hope you still remember me 🙂 )

  7. Douglas Lee says:

    Hi The (Davis),

    Thanks for writing again. And thanks for your compliments (I read this reply of yours many times. It is really encouraging.) You won’t believe when my confidence was shot to smithereens when a close fan wrote a long email pointing out all the flaws in Fatal Seductions 3. I am glad I’ve grown stronger and I took her criticisms in a positive way and had used most of her feedback to build better plots for future books.

    Fatal Seductions 3 has an effect on you? Care to share more?

    I’ll still continue to publish hard copies as long as it is viable. I think the future trend would be ebooks (just look at what happens to Borders). When Fatal Seductions Online ends, I’ve planned to print it as a hard copy as well as an ebook. By then, I should be launching Fatal Seductions Online 2.

    Writing is a joy for me. Sometimes, the characters themselves choose a path different from what I’ve intended for them, and that’s exciting. I will continue to write. I’ve tried romance, thrillers, horror and children books, but at the moment, I enjoy doing the Fatal Seduction series most.

    Gosh! I could ramble on and on.
    Chat with you again, The Davis. (I actually love The – it reminds me of one of my mentors, T Harv Eker. He says the ‘T’ stands for “The”.) I almost called myself The Douglas Lee. 🙂

    Thanks again, The Davis.
    It has been a pleasure.

  8. Wesley says:

    Hi Douglas,
    I’m a junior college student, a die-hard of your ‘Fatal Seductions’ series. I just bought Fatal Seductions 3 two days ago and finish reading the whole book in one whole sitting. I’m still very affected by the story, especially the ending, which I felt was quite sad. I teared throughout the whole book. All 3 books have never failed to make me cry and so engrossed in it. I really hope Fatal Seductions 4 can be published soon:) Keep on writing! I look forward to more of ‘Fatal Seductions’ !

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Wesley,
      Thank you for writing. Thank you for your comments and compliments too.
      Fatal Seductions 3 brought tears to your eyes too? My eyes were flooded when I wrote that scene too. And I thought I was just too sentimental.
      Okay, I should really get Fatal Seductions 4 out soon. It was actually scheduled to be released in September 2011, and then Fatal Seductions 5 before Christmas. Thanks for the encouragement. I shall keep on writing.

    • The says:

      Hey Wesley,
      I got to agree with you.Fatal Seductions 3 is indeed touching throughout the whole book 🙂 It’s really good!

  9. The Davis says:

    Hello there again Douglas 🙂 ,

    Thanks for replying.You’re welcome.I thought you really deserve the compliments 🙂 (Afterall,there isn’t another Douglass Lee that I know.Glad to hear that it’s encouraging.I was actually hesitant to post it because I thought it sounded naggy,hehehe.)Well,if you didn’t tell me,I would have never believed it because you sound like a really positive person.But then again,we all get hit by waves.There are flaws in Fatal Seductions 3?How come I didn’t notice anything?Maybe I’m flaw-blind 🙂 There would always be at least one person who would never be totally satisfied.That’s why you must always take criticisms in a positive light and keep thinking of ways to be better.(Another reason for you to not stop writing).Glad that you managed to pick yourself up.That’s the spirit!

    Fatal Seductions 3 -Well,it had opened my eyes to know that (bad ) guys can come in all forms and would even diguise themselves into different characters just for sex,like Nathan.It’s quite weird but then again,I know it’s really happening.And I realize that there are people who are naive about sex issues.Look at Apryl,she thought that by urinating after sex,she would be free of whatever diseases.I usually thought that it’s untrue,as in,how wouldn’t anyone know what are the symptoms,causes and effects of STDs and AIDS.But sad to say,after reading about Apryl,I came to know a lot of people whom I know are like that.Plus,Apryl and Nathan,they actually loved each other but the had to make such a big round and only realize that in the end.It’s a pity.Sometimes love is so near yet so far to reach.
    Maybe all this is due to me being a little sentimental or reflective.It usually happens to me after I finish reading a book.(So if this don’t make any sense to you,I understand.)

    I hope that hard copies would still be avaliable in the future.At least it’s more convenient than ebooks,for me.(Borders’ ending was sad 🙁 )
    So,when the hard copy of Fatal Seductions Online is out,the title still remains?How many chapters are there in total?Wow,you must so busy by then,having to launch Fatal Seductions 2 too.

    You seem to absolutely love writing.How do the characters choose a different path?I think you’re best suited with the Fatal Seductions series.

    I think I rambled too much in this post already. 😀
    (You should have called yourself The Douglas Lee,it sounds a lot more grand).

    Pleasure talking to you too,Mr Douglas.
    Take care,
    (by the way,how’s your father?Hope he’s doing alright)

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi again, The,

      I’m beginning to kinda like your name “The”. Where are you from? Is this name common?

      Do I put myself across as being a positive person? Well, I strive to be. Life is too short. So live every moment of your life fully and meaningfully, and not let negativity affect you. That’s my motto. I’ve only just learnt how to live a positive life.

      Thanks for your compliments again. Let me share a little about my writing. I would create a character, Nathan, for example, and would have to know everything about him: what he eats, how his parents treated him, how he was brought up, his fantasizes, his dreams, his taste for food, books, music and movies, etc. From this bio-data, Nathan would actually able to decide what to do on each event. It was the same for Jun and Apryl. Although I did have an outline on how Fatal Seductions 3 would end, certain actions by Jun made Nathan react differently, and thus, chose his own path, rather than followed my intended outcome, where Nathan would still be a nasty heartless womanizer.

      And I am very, very glad that the subtle message of the Fatal Seductions series got through. That is my aim. Since having sex is inevitable, I’m hoping this series would help readers be aware of the dangers of unprotected sex and sex with multiple partners.

      Best suited for the Fatal Seductions series? Hmm… I shall then continue to do this series and not try a motivational children series since I do enjoy writing the Fatal Seductions series.

      It’s a pleasure chatting with you too.

      (My father has just been transferred to a hospice and he looks more comfortable there, since the place looks like a resort. But it still pains me to see him in discomfort. I wish I know what to say when he keeps lamenting about why he is still around. Well, I’m doing my part. Thanks for asking.)

      • The says:

        Hey there again Mr Douglas,
        (Where am I from?)It’s your fellow Singaporean here 🙂 .I have no idea if my name is common.I only recently got to know someone else having the same name as me,first time in my whole life.I kind of felt robbed.

        Yes,at least to me,you do seem like a positive person.Positivity is what you need when you’ve hit rock bottom.And negativity is there to slap reality into you when you’re overconfident.So,I guess both sides work,depending on the situation 🙂

        I kind of guess that that’s what you do with your characters.But having you explain it seems clearer.You really put yourself into the shoes of your characters.(Ever thought of being an actor?)
        Yes,I still remember Steve from Fatal Seductions.He loved Kenny G’s Going Home.
        Nathan would still be a nasty heartless womanizer.(Haha,I like that part.)

        Well,the subtle message got through to me.At least,it has made me aware of the different ‘types’ of bad boys there are and whatever ‘methods’ they can actually be up to.Well,in my opinion,I don’t think that the Fatal Seduction series only makes other aware of unprotected sex and sex with multiple partners.At least for me,it’s made me realize that there are people naive about such issues and not everyone knows about such issues that well.(By the way,what made you have such a drive to promote this subtle message right from the first book?)

        You wanted to try a motivational children series?(Were you going to promote the same kind of message that you do for Fatal Seductions to the kids right from a young age?)
        Yes,please continue with the Fatal Seduction series.Book 3 was a long wait!(P.S. kindly let the publishers do a better job when publishing Fatal Seduction 4.I just bought Fatal Seduction and within 2 days all the pages came out,till I had to get it binded which cost more than half the original book price.I should have bought another copy instead).

        Nice chatting with you!:)

        Take care!
        (It always good to find a place that’s comforable for your father.The most important thing is that he has to feel and be happy and cared for.Try to let him know that you need him no matter what.And try to revive him of the old memories of you and him together and make him feel that he does play an important part in your life.He’s most probably saying that because he feels like a burden to you.Don’t let it get into him. 🙂 )

        • Douglas Lee says:

          Hi The,

          Ha. Someone else has the same name too? I would feel the same too if I have a wonderful rare name.

          Putting myself in the shoes in one thing. Being an actor is another. Yes, I’d always dreamt of becoming an actor, but acting is different from writing. So, to become an actor, no. But as a director, I would grab the chance if opportunity arises.

          Yes, yes. Kenny G’s Going Home was one of my favourites. I prefer instrumentals, but I do have to keep up with the times. So lately, I’m trying to immerse myself into K-pop. At least, now I know about the Wonder Girls and Girls Generation.

          What made me do the first Fatal Seductions? If I remember correctly, AIDS was relatively new and many people were unaware that anyone could contract HIV, not only gays. So I guess that was the motivation to do the Fatal Seductions series.

          No, no. If I do the children series, it would be geared to motivating them in overcoming the usual childhood challenges a child would face: like indecisiveness, insecurity, low self-esteem, things like that. I’ve already had a series in mind, with a central character. But I guess I’d concentrate on the Fatal Seductions series for now, until I hit Fatal Seductions 20, at least.

          I’m so sorry about the states of The books of Fatal Seductions 1 and 2. I think the last reprint has some quality issues. I’d gladly replace your copy. Just let me know how I could send it to you.


          (Thanks for kind thoughts about my dad. He has passed on last Thursday. At least, he was no longer in discomfort, and got his wish to leave.
          Me? I’m okay. Maybe one day, I’d write a novel about his last days, since my memories with him aren’t good ones. I’ve forgiven him a long time ago, and I was glad I was able to be with him for the last few months.)

  10. Jolene says:

    hihi.. i couldnt believe there’re ppl same as me love ur stories as much as i m… wow…
    i was thinking whether ur online story will publish in book or not, n u mention u will. wow.. i will wait for it!!!! simply love ur stories deeply till i will go online n check few times a day to c whether u hv updates new chapter or not.. to me, i believe as a collector, he will love the feel of the things.. so i believe, ppl will be like me, love ur stories n will buy ur books to read n keep as collection..
    pls don stop writing.. n same, i m still waiting for ur other books too.. =9

    • Douglas Lee says:

      It’s always a thrill to hear that people are enjoying my stories.
      Because I had been busy with my dad, I decided to post 3 chapters of Fatal Seductions Online weekly instead of 2 chapters. I guess, now that life is returning to normal, I should keep posting 3 chapters of Fatal Seductions Online instead of 2?
      How about the Fatal Seduction Blog? Should I still resume writing them? Or shall I scrap them altogether and maybe post more chapters of Fatal Seductions Online?
      Hmm…it is really encouraging the collectors would want something tangible. I shall keep that in mine even when eBooks have taken over bookshops.
      Yes, yes, Jolene. I will keep on writing.

  11. Jolene says:

    i’m same as ‘THE’, prefer more in book.

    i hv a ideal.
    series in book will remain as : Fatal Seductions 1, 2, 3, etc
    online series to b publish in book call as ” FS online 1, 2,3 etc or Fatal Seduction O1, O2, etc”.

    cos as collection, is easier ba..

  12. Jolene says:

    haha.. i just giving ideas of been a collector..
    i will still believe that no matter how advance in ebooks or internet, book is still best..
    jia you..

  13. Wesley says:

    Is Fatal Seductions 4 out in bookstores already?

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Wesley,

      There is a delay due to my dad’s passing recently.
      I’m trying to get Fatal Seductions 4 out as soon as possible. I’ll announce it here and in Facebook once it’s out.
      Thanks again for the support.

  14. Douglas Lee says:

    Hi Fans,
    Fatal Seductions 4 is in the layout stage now.
    Then it will be sent to the printers.
    Hopefully, it can reach the bookstores before Christmas.

  15. Rowena Chan says:

    Hi Douglas
    I have just read Fatal Seduction and I find it really engrossing and interesting and even though it’s not a heart-stopping story, it is a page turner. After reading this, I saw a few books listed there written by you and am sure it’ll be interesting read too and am planning to buy them all. However, what really really disappointed me was that the book was not ‘made’ properly. Probably the glue used are dried or something but each time I turn a page, it came off! By the time I finish the book, it has become one stack of papers instead of a whole book. As a book lover, my heart really hurt to see this, especially for this book which I intended to keep as I feel it has earned a place on my bookshelf and after one reading it is no longer a book!!! Really really cheesed off by the printer for spoiling such a good book. 🙁

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Rowena,

      Thank you for you support and comments.

      I am so sorry the books you’ve purchased are of inferior quality. From my understanding, it was indeed due to the glue used at the time of production. I’ve made the feedback to the printer who assures me this will not happen again in future.

      I would gladly replace those copies. Just tell me where I can mail them to you. You may email the details directly to me at kliffwee@yahoo.com or ‘message’ me at the Facebook page.


  16. Sharon says:


    I’ve bought all 3 books, Fatal Seduction 1, 2 and 3. They are great. I’ve also check this webpage once every few days to see if there’s any updates. =) By the way, when will Fatal Seduction 4 release? I can’t wait to get the book!

    Anyway, thanks for writing such great stories.

    All the best!

    God bless.

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Sharon,

      I’m glad that you enjoy my writing.
      I enjoy writing a lot too, especially the Fatal Seductions series.

      Fatal Seductions 4 was supposed to be published in December 2011 but due to the festive seasons and some issues that needed to be resolved, the book is being delayed.
      The good news is the issues are resolved and Fatal Seductions 4 will be sent to the printer end of this week, and should hit the bookstores in early March, 2012.

      I’ve also just completed Fatal Seductions 5, and will also launched it soon, probably in April, 2012.

      By the way, have you read this online version, Fatal Seductions Online? This story will be ending soon and I intend to publish it as a hard copy. I will probably name it the Fatal Seductions Online series. Do give me your opinion.


  17. Sharon says:

    Yeap. I have read the online series. Please publish as a hardcopy. I will get it as well. =)

    The name Fatal Seduction Online seems okay, as people can differentiate between the online series and the ones that you have published so far.

    P/S: Once Fatal Seduction 4 is release, can you please let me know so that I can grab it from the bookstore?

    Thank you!!


    • Douglas Lee says:

      Thanks, Sharon, for you feedback.
      Sure, I’ll let you know once Fatal Seductions 4 is out in the bookstores.


  18. Darren says:

    Hi Douglas,

    I came to know you thru a close fren of mine and a fan of urs, she is none other than Jolene. She introduced me to this online site. I briefly browsed thru it and decided to give the Fatal Seduction Online a shot. OMG, i read the whole publication within a day. What really entice me is Clare eagers to find out what really happened to her dad, it keeps me going on reading to find out the truth. Also, as i read along the chapters, it really chills me to the bone, we are so vulnerable to temptation, urge and viruses around us. A moment of happiness, a moment of foolish and ignorant lead us to the gate of death.

    To show my appreciation of what you done so far to rasie awareness on HIV by writing. I will hit the bookstore to purchase Fatal Seduction 1 -4. Hving read your online version, i believe the hard copies will be as good as the online version or even better.

    Last but not least, keep writng n spread the goodwill around ya.

    God Bless.

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Darren,

      Thank you so so much for writing. It made my day, my week, my month.
      I am glad you love the story, and I am glad the message gets across.
      And thank you so much for your support, and encouragement.

      I already have more than 50 Fatal Seductions plots waiting to be written. Last year, I thought I would write up to Fatal Seductions 20, and then switch to Fantasy or Horror. But right now, I don’t know.

      I have just begun writing Fatal Seductions 6 (That’s right. Fatal Seductions 5 is already done, and once I get the go ahead, it would be released). Fatal Seductions 6 is about Denise, an undergrad, who moonlights as a high class social escort. She doesn’t know she has AIDS. As I write, I am getting into this character, and it is as exciting as reading a new book, because although I have already had an ending in mind, sometimes, the characters ‘decide’ on their outcome.

      I am also contemplating writing about teenagers who are spreading HIV AIDS since many are having sex so early. I have had this plot in mind for more than ten years now. However, I don’t want to get into the wrong side of the law because many countries would not permit publications about sex with the underage. But then, since this is about spreading the awareness of AIDS, I think in this case, it would be okay. I’m still finding out more about this issue. Let’s see.

      Thanks again, Darren, for your words of encouragement. All writers appreciate them because our journeys are sometimes lonely and tedious.


  19. The Davis says:

    Hi Douglas,
    I’m here again after such a long time.
    I managed to get a copy of Fatal Seductions 4.I finished it within 2 days.

    I really like the new twist in this plot.
    So far,it’s the best Fatal Seductions book I’ve read.
    I can’t wait for Fatal Seductions 5 and 6 to hit stores.

    (I initially wrote a longer comment.I tried a couple of times but it never got posted.Do you have a word limit or something? 🙁 )

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi The Davis,
      Nice to hear from you again. You like the new twist in Fatal Seductions 5? I like it too. It actually took me a few days to come up with a twist like that. I love twists and I wasn’t happy with the first ending I’d planned. And then a walk along MBS gave me the idea (nothing to do with MBS – ideas do pop in at times.)
      I’m trying to get Fatal Seductions 5 out as soon as I can, and Fatal Seductions 6 too.
      (You did write a longer comment? I don’t think there’s a word limit because Jason did write a long comment that managed to get through. I’ll check the spam box to see if it is accidentally sent there.)
      Thanks for writing. Nice to hear from you again.
      Incidentally, did you get my email about the dedications for Fatal Seductions 5?

      Hi The Davis,
      I checked the Spam folder. Your comment isn’t there. Sometimes, due to traffic or whatever reason I could not fathom, things like that happen. I’ve encountered them in Facebook many times. Sorry about that.

  20. The Davis says:

    Hi Douglas,
    Thanks for replying.
    You should continue writing twists like that.It adds a whole new demension to the storyline and it reflects reality.It’s awesome.(MBS was very obvious 🙂 )

    Yes,I recevied your email on the dedications for Fatal Seduction 5,the only email I got from you.I replied it a long time ago.You never recevied it?

    It’s alright.I’ll try to post up the original comment when I have the time.

    Good to hear from you again! (It’s been long!)

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi The Davis,

      Twists as in? I thought you were referring to the part after Emily thanked the taxi driver (shan’t have spoilers here), and also another one.
      (MBS was obvious? Good. Then I can cater to both local and international fans since the setting can be in many places in the world.)
      I think I still have time to have you in the dedication page since Fatal Seductions 5 is still in the layout-checking stage. I’ll send an email for you to check and approve.
      Take your time about the original comment. (Best type it out in Notepad or Words, and then copy and paste. I’ve had the same issues when I typed very long comments in FB and they disappeared.)
      Yup. Great to hear from you too.

  21. cari says:

    Hi Douglas.

    Received your books few back ( Wednesday; 4/7/12), and started to read it the next day. And today morning I finish reading FS1. FS2 is next in line. Your book is real eye opener. Your stories sound so real and it give more knowledge to HIV, STD etc.. But I do believe in reality it happens.

    Keep up the good work. Hope to read more of your books.

    Carisa Tan

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Carisa,
      Thank you for writing.
      I’m glad you like the books.
      Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep on writing.
      Douglas Lee

  22. Sharon says:

    Hi Douglas,

    I saw the Book 5 is already out! I can’t wait for it, I like to purchase via Mail Order. Do email me the details and payment advice!


  23. Sharon says:

    Hi Douglas,

    I would like to have the book “A Rose has Thorns’ in hard copy too!

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Thanks Sharon,

      Anyone else? Do write in so that I can be sure it’s viable for a reprint, and even write another book based on this genre.

  24. Thedamienyeo says:

    -Spoiler Alert-
    Really really a fan of your books Douglas!
    I’m giving a little two cents worth of opinion about some of your stories~
    Fatal seduction 3 was a good read as it was the first time you wrote it the perspective of both a female and male character, so I felt it a very refreshing change from the past where the protagonist was just one individual. The fact the 2 mains interlinked in the story made it even realistic:)
    Seduction 4 was kind of “unrealistic”(sorry for being prudent:/) kinda difficult to imagine married women to be so craved, they resort to their good friend’s husband.
    I really enjoyed Seduction 5 as I really enjoyed the way you added a surprise at the very end where Gary was actually in love with Jeniffer:) reading back through the pages, you realize that it actually all links up!:)
    You really are one of the gems of local publications and God bless you in your quest to spread your cause and continue with the great work!:)

    • Douglas Lee says:

      -Spoiler Alert-
      Thank you, The Damien Yeo,
      I appreciate your honest reviews for ‘Fatal Seductions 3, 4 and 5’.
      I do try a surprise ending in each of my books because I love surprises myself.
      I’m glad you enjoy the twist in ‘Fatal Seductions 5’. Were you surprised by Samuel too? How about the twists in ‘Fatal Seductions 3 and 4?
      I’ll take note to include both male and female protagonists in future. Many have expressed they love ‘Fatal Seductions 1’ the most because of the many different characters in it.
      I’ve taken note of your feedback for ‘Fatal Seductions 4’. I should have expanded more on Trinity, Victoria and Thomas.
      Thank you also for your encouraging words. At times, I am not sure if I am on the right track writing the ‘Fatal Seductions’ series because I can’t seem to get permission to promote them to the public (the libraries, Google and Facebook) because of the explicit content. I was thinking of toning the scenes down but then, would I reach out to the right group?
      I’m rushing to complete ‘Fatal Seductions 6’, which is about Denise, an undergrad, who is tempted by huge offers from rich men. Hope you will enjoy it too.
      Douglas Lee

  25. Thedamienyeo says:

    -Spoiler Alert-
    Samuel was a pleasant twist in the story as I felt that he had indeed love Peggy and this serves as a great contrast to Melody where she apparently had yet to understand the true workings of a relationships goes beyond her bed activities.
    Victoria’s character was alittle confusing as it was kind of contridictary that she would be so cold towards her other male colleagues yet opening up to Nicholas, she knew Nicholas was also after the same thing as the other males, so why would she choose to open up to him of all people?
    On the issue of promoting, you already have a rather steady fan base here and I’m sure the word of mouth is adequate advertisement.
    Would be looking forward to 6. The storyline is intriguing enough course I feel that it is more realistic, rich men looking for young girls. Looking forward to how you would portray it:)
    God bless

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Thanks, Damien Yeo, for writing again, and for the feedback.
      I used to have an estimated 200,000 fans some ten to twenty years ago when Fatal Seductions 1 and Fatal Seductions 2 were available for loan at the libraries. I’m trying to reach out to these fans, and the younger generation.
      I’m still writing
      Fatal Seductions 6, and will keep you fans informed once it’s ready.

  26. Hani says:

    Hi Douglas,

    Been a fan of yours since the launch of 1st book,looking for book 3,5 and 6 and Times Bookstores always sold out. Is there anyway i can get it somewhere.

    Thank You

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Hani,
      Thanks for writing and for supporting all these years.
      Popular Bookshops should have them. And also ToyOutPost / Haku outlets at JCube and Nex.
      Fatal Seductions 6 is delayed . Will announce once it’s available.

  27. Ivy Ang says:

    Hi Mr Lee

    I am an old lady of age 65. Long time have not been to the bookshop. This Thursday (1/11/12) I happen to be in the Popular bookstore, IMM and found your book Fatal Seductions 4 and I was just reading the introduction and I was quite keen to purchase one but was hesitated whether this type of book are suitable for me. With your website I found out that you got a lot of fans and I presume your books must be very interesting and nice. Do you think this type of books are suitable for me? Do let me have your kind reply, please. Thanks.



    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Ivy,

      Thank you for writing.
      I can’t really tell if the ‘Fatal Seductions’ series would be suitable for you. This series is to promote HIV awareness through stories which are about people who sleep around, and thus, are explicitly written.
      You may read the free online version (click here? and see if you are comfortable reading such stories. Age is just a number. People in the 60’s and 70’s are also contracting HIV and are also bringing miseries to their families.
      If you are uncomfortable reading such explicit material, you may want to wait for the “Fatal Puppy Love” (tentative title) series which I intend to write to cater for readers under 12.
      Once again, thank you, Ivy, for showing interest in this series. Do feel free to write anytime.
      Douglas Lee

  28. Gerald says:

    Hi ,

    I really enjoyed reading your book, i was wondering if they will on sale in e-store? As i would like to purchase them via e-book. If there is where are they available.


    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Gerald,

      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my book. It always makes my day whenever I hear this.
      Currently, the ‘Fatal Seductions’ series are not available in Ebooks yet. I am still looking into it.
      Which format of Ebooks are you using? EPub? Via Kindle? Via iTunes?


  29. gerald says:

    Hi Douglas,

    Thank you for ur reponsed. I am using ipad for reading so the ebook format i am looking for will be epub or pdf.

    Can you update us when e-book is available? Thank you so much.


    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Gerald(ine?)

      Thank you for letting me know which format you are using. I’m looking into getting most of the books in epub formats.
      I’ll be announcing it either here or at the Douglas Lee Facebook page. Hopefully, I can get them launched by end of the year since this ‘project’ of mine is long overdue.
      Thanks again for your interest and support.


  30. Gerald says:

    Hi Douglas,

    I realized fatal seduction 3 seems to be out of stock, I wouldn’t find in it the bookstore nor the shops you mention.


    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Gerald,

      Thanks for writing again. I’m so sorry you’d to travel to the shops and still couldn’t find it.
      Where do you normally go to? I’ve replenished the stocks for both ToyOutpost/Haku’s at Nex and JCube since Saturday, 10th Nov 2012. A couple of the Popular’s I’ve visited, like the ones in IMM and Clementi Mall, still have them.
      Alternatively, I could mail it to you. You could pay for it via ATM funds transfer. If you happen to reside or work in areas where I frequent or drive by, I could pass it personally to you. Drop me an email at kliffwee@yahoo.com for details.
      Thanks again for your support.

  31. Lawrence says:

    Dear Douglas,

    My wife is a great fan of your Fatal Seduction 1,2,3,4,5.
    About last month, i came upon the Hako store in nex and saw your book 6.
    i want to ask where could i purchase volume 6? please get back to me.


    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Lawrence,
      Thank you for writing.
      “Fatal Seductions 6” is not available yet. I’m trying to get it out as soon as possible. I’ll announce it here once it is available.
      Most likely “Fatal Seductions 6” will only be available at the Toyoutpost at Nex and Jcube.
      Thank you for your support. Do like the Facebook Fan Page and share it with your friends.

      • Marie, Marie says:

        Hi Douglas:
        Not sure how old are you or where you from, but I’m looking for a Douglas Lee who use to live in New Jersey, he study for a lawyer and to make story short I’m looking for him a old friend of mine, is this could be possible you? Thanks

        Marie Marie

        • Douglas Lee says:

          Hi Marie Marie

          I must apologise for the very late reply.
          I’m afraid I’m not the Douglas Lee you once knew.
          It would be nice to catch up with an old friend.
          Good luck on your search.

          Douglas Lee

  32. Dawn says:

    Hi Douglas,
    I’m a great fan of yours since fatal seduction 1. And I have a collections of every books u wrote! Thanks for producing such good work!! May I know if fatal seduction 6 is available in book store?? I can’t wait to get it! Thanks!


    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Dawn,
      Thanks for writing and for supporting all these years.
      ‘Fatal Seductions 6’ is not available yet. I’m still sorting issues with the bookstores.
      In the ‘worst’ case scenario, I’ll just sell them at ToyOutposts at Nex and JCube from mid March 2013. But then, costs could be higher and I may have to raise the price of the book to $20. I may take mail orders.
      I’ll be getting Books 3 thru 6 in eBook format too.
      I’ll announce it over here and in my . Do help Like and Share the page and help spread the message around.

      Incidentally, I’m considering writing romance, without the AIDS, and with happy endings. Let me know if you prefer such stories instead.

      Douglas Lee

      PS. Happy Valentine’s Day

      • Dawn says:

        Hi Douglas,
        Thanks for ur prompt reply. I love all of ur work. In fact I also read the ghost stories u wrote. I will continue to support ur work no matter what u write. Pls let me know when Fatal seduction 6 is available. The amount is worth it to buy a piece of good work! Thanks lots!!


  33. Gin says:

    Hi Douglas,
    It had been a good read for all your 5 books. When is your 6th coming out in stores???? Totally can’t wait to get a copy on hand. I personally still prefer to hold a book on hand to read. Call me old school.

    Do you have any other published books other than fatal seductions? I had been looking but only found your name on fatal seductions book 1 – 5.

    Keep up the good work!

    Gin 🙂

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Gin,

      I’s so sorry for the very late reply. Things have been hectic lately.
      I’m struggling to get Fatal Seductions 6 out. It’s almost 9 months overdue! Gosh! Time flies.
      Okay. I’m going to commit myself and get it out this month, but it would only be available either at ToyOutpost at Nex or Jcube.
      Will announce it here once it’s available.
      Thank you so much for your encouragement.
      Douglas Lee

  34. Michael says:

    Hi Douglas, I’ve read your first two book way back when I was much younger and thoroughly enjoyed them. Sad to say, I hardly ventured into the local writers’ section of any bookstore for quite awhile as no other author has captured my attention like you.

    I occasionally dabble in writing myself and wonder if you could share some tips on how to get my works published.

    Great to see that you are back with more great literary works.

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Michael,

      So sorry for the late reply. I’m glad you enjoy reading my books, and also happy to hear that you love writing too.
      Sure, I could share with you tips on how to get your works published. But the world has changed now, due to the invasion of the internet. There are fewer and fewer bookstores around. Even the ones still surviving are shrinking their floor spaces. That’s the bad news. The good news is, with the internet, you could easily publish your book in the electronic format.
      It would take some time to explain everything here. I’m not sure what tips you’re looking for. Could you elaborate? Like who is the target audience? What is the story about? Or any other more specific questions. I’d be glad to answer them.


  35. Jessica Lim says:

    Hi Douglas,

    I’m staying at the east area. Searching your book 4 & 5 high and low in the east but didn’t manage to find any. Can I check do you sold it online or if by any chance where can I find your book in the east area?

    Jessica Lim

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Jessica.

      So sorry you can’t find the books. The bookstores seem to be cutting down on fiction books.
      How can I send or deliver Fatal Seductions 4 and 5, signed to you?
      I’m afraid I’m still sorting out some issues with the distributors and bookshops for Fatal Seductions 6, hence the long delay. Thank you so much for being a great fan. Do let me know how I can get the books to you.
      Thanks again for the support.

  36. brian lim says:

    Hi douglas, im brian here. I’ve read you fatal seduction 1 and 2 when I was in Singapore few years back. Since then I haven’t get to read your book when im back to malaysia. How do I get to buy your book? Or can I read it online?

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks for writing and for your continual support.
      You may place a mail order if you want. PM me at my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/fsdouglaslee to let me know where I can send it to.
      I’m trying to get my books converted into ebooks so that they can also be purchased online.
      Let me know which is the best way for me to send the books to you.

  37. Carol says:

    Hi Douglas, i’ve been trying to look for Fatal Seduction Book 3 onwards everywhere but its not available .. is there any way i can purchase your books in Singapore?
    i really like read your books ever since i got Book 1 & 2 .

  38. Pioy says:

    Hi I would Like to order a copy of Fatal Seduction 6 as i am not able to find it in any major bookstores in spore near me.
    Can i know what am i suppose to do or is there an order form to fill in?

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Pioy

      I’m sorry for the very late reply because somehow, I didn’t receive any notification that I have a comment here until today.
      You may like to go the the Facebook page and PM me from there and I’ll provide you with the instructions.
      Thank you for your support.

  39. Jenny Loh says:

    Hi Douglas,
    I’m a great fan of urs, wanting to know how can I get all ur 6 books.. As years gone by the old books are torned. I wanted so much to have them again

    • Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Jenny

      You may purchase them via mail order.
      The cost of each book is $12 plus normal postage. So each book is $12+2 (for postage in Singapore only).
      Do let me know where you want the books to be posted and I’ll give you the POSB savings account for the transfer of payment.
      You may send a private message from the Facebook fanpage http://www.Facebook.com/fsdouglaslee, or email me at kliffwee@yahoo.com.
      Thank you for your support.

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